About Thrive

Thrive is for people who want to take charge of their emotional well-being to lead happier, more satisfying lives. It teaches techniques from cognitive behavior therapy, or CBT, a method that has been clinically proven to help many people with conditions like depression and stress. It's designed to help you communicate more confidently, think more constructively, and do more activities that make you feel good.

In Thrive, you'll get the lowdown on CBT techniques through engaging videos, and you'll practice them online using interactive tools and offline in your everyday life. You'll get insight into how you're doing now and track your gains as you make progress. And you'll get a customized experience that responds to your needs. It's a little like taking a class for your emotional health.

However, Thrive is not a replacement for a doctor and does not provide psychological or medical advice. Continue to see your doctor and keep him or her up to date with the status of your health and mood, especially if you start to feel worse.

Thrive is developed by Waypoint Health Innovations, and may be available to you through your health plan, healthcare provider, employer, or university. Currently, we do not sell access to Thrive directly to individuals. If you represent a health plan, healthcare provider, employer, or university and are interested in discussing how you can offer Thrive to your members, please contact us using the link below.